Cyber Security

Information Systems Security Consulting Services

BridgeGapTechnologies, LLC has expertise in systems security consultation for organizational policies, procedures, standards, and baselines.
BridgeGapTechnologies, LLC will evaluate and resolve risk that threaten your organization, to ensure your organizations resources and assets are protected.
· RMF & FedRAMP Accreditation Support
· Information Security Governance
· Information Security Program Development and Management
· Information Security Incident Management
Penetration testing or ethical hacking our experts will simulate a real-world attack on your network, databases, websites, servers. Our goal is determining the level of business impact this attach might cost you. We can also assist in helping you track when your network has been breached.
Benefits of Penetration testing
• Increase Business Continuity
• Avoid Costly Network Downtime
• Protect Clients, Partners and Third Parties
• Protect the reputation of your company
• Establishing where the company stands in terms of security
• Comply with Regulatory codes

Information Systems Security Compliance Services

BridgeGapTechnologies, LLC has expertise in providing Organizations with the most appropriate Security posture when it comes to Cyber-Security and maintaining a high level of compliance.
· Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
· Vendor Risk Assessment/third party audit
· ACAS & SCCM Deployments | IAVA & STIG Guidance
· PCI and HIPPA compliance services
· Information Risk Management and Compliance
External penetration testing
This test is a remote test with no internal access provided. We will be testing internet facing assets. Reconnaissance is done to collect information about your organization on the internet and other resources.
Internal penetration testing
This test is performed inside the organization to simulate an attack from attackers that are inside your network. This could be employees with malicious intent or a guest. Wireless range is also tested. workstations are also tested. Once we have completed our testing a detailed report is generated. Summary, findings and recommendations. technical explanations.

Security Professionals

Our team of Consultants holds various certifications of CPT, OSCP, OCSE, OWSP, OSEE, CEH, Security+. CISSP, and QTSM.

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